PLEASE SEE WWW.INTANGIBLECAT.COM (-the real homebase of this logdumpo site, if you haven't already been there.) (the painting to the right is a link to the page of the personartist who made it)

DRUNKEN FISH RECORDS: bardo pond, roy montgomery, other GOOD things. is an extremely excellent record label. Got: c.o.c.k. esp, syringe, moonsocket, microlight sound, mooseheart faith, charlie mcalister, tugboat 3001, the cyderbunny, etc. ALL 7" records highly reccommended.

*RECCOMMENDED RECORDS*: henry cow, faust, art bears, sun ra, thinking plague, bob drake, WAY too much goodness to list! VHF RECORDS: flying saucer attack, richard youngs, pelt, etc. Very good noisy "psychadelic" dronies. Though not limited to dronies.

*ORANGETWIN RECORDS*: major organ & the adding machine, elf power, the gerbils, neutral milk hotel, pipes you see, pipes you don't, the instruments...etc. -CAPTAIN BEEFHEART: information, arts, etc. Please look thoroughly.

BRAINWASHED: legendary pink dots, windy & carl, nurse with wound, coil, matmos, volcano the bear....

WWW.CLOUDRECORDINGS.COM -CLOUD RECORDINGS: the circulatory system, a hawk and a hacksaw, other very fascinating homemade recordings. Arts also.

review of DR. OTTO AND THE RIDDLE OF THE GLOOM BEAM -bizarre, campy, and unique as hell first movie made by Jim Varney(takes special eyes to see how extraordinary the film is)"It doesn't make sense at times and has plotholes that you can drive massive farm tractors through"-amusing non-sequitur dada weirdness done perhaps unwittingly, yet to a very interesting effect-if you can see it the right way. extremely unique. =Biographical information and tribute to Jim Varney's unique, valuable, and underappreciated comic/creative excellence.